Getting started

Here’s what you need to get started:
  • A web browser such as Chrome or Firefox
  • MetaMask, a digital wallet used specifically with web apps
  • Ether, a form of digital payment that powers CitiesToken
  • To use CitiesToken, you will need to install MetaMask, a digital wallet. You will need to put money in it to make your first purchase.

    Download Metamask

    Occasionally the ‘on Locked’ page displays a lock screen. This happens because MetaMask automatically locks your account after a certain period of time. To unlock simply click on the MetaMask extension and type in your password.

    Some users need to uninstall and reinstall MetaMask because they’ve experienced a bug. If you kept your seed words, this is very easy! Just delete the extension, reinstall it, and import your twelve seed words. Then you’ll set the password you want to use (this can be the same one you used before or a whole new password), and confirm your email address and username again on the CitiesToken website.

    For U.S. citizens only: you can buy ether (ETH) in MetaMask. ETH is a digital currency that enables our game to run.

    For everyone else: you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange, and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you cannot play CitiesToken with only an exchange account.

    For U.S. citizens only: you are able to purchase ETH directly from the MetaMask wallet using the Coinbase widget. This is more convenient and doesn’t require you to create two accounts.

    For everyone else: you need to buy ETH from an exchange using normal fiat currency. Copy your MetaMask address by clicking on the large ‘...’ next to your account, then select ‘Copy Address to clipboard’. Go to your exchange, click ‘Accounts’, and select your ETH Wallet and click ‘send’. Paste the MetaMask address in the box with the amount you’d like to transfer.

    Why Citiestoken

    CitiesToken.com is a location-based blockchain game, each CitiesToken indicated one fixed Area in the Big Cities. For example (40.7, -73.9), is a location-token link to New York city. It is unique, You can 100% own a CitiesToken on blockchain, and you can buy, sell, or trade your CitiesToken just like a traditional collectible. CitiesToken is one of the world’s first location-based blockchain games. It's link to any location in Biggest Cities.Such as New York, Tokyo, London,Shanghai......

    In blockchain, Bitcoin and Ether are crypto-currencies, just like real currency in our world. But CitiesToken are crypto-collectibles, just like antique or baseball-cards. Based on the Ethereum EC-721, every token's pirce is unique, just like real collectibles.You can 100% own a CitiesToken like a traditional collectible, secure in the knowledge that blockchain will track ownership securely.

    The first age of blockchain is crypto-currencies age, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum,crypto-currencies has been amply augmented in past 3~5 years. It went up hundreds of times. But the next age will be the crypto-collectibles age, Such as Cryptokitties, it's a virtual crypto-collectibles pet' game in the blockchain, and it burns up 15% of Gas of the whole Ethereum's network in few days. Crypto-collectibles is spreading over the blockchain in an unstoppable trend.

    Back to Citiestoken.com, you can register a new location-token in this platform. But what kind of location-token is worth registering?

    First, some special location is Biggest Cities is very worth to register, such as Manhattan in New York, or Ginza in Tokyo, special locations are very rare. The early registrant will get the most lasting benefits.

    Second, some location maybe very special to your personal life, maybe a place you live in more than 12 years, or a spot where he proposed, or the the hospital where you were born. All these spots can transfer into a location-token in Citiestoken.com platform. And all the location will be recorded in the Blockchain eternally.

    Yes,Buy or register a CitiesToken need some ETH, and ETH will cost you some money. Or you can ask someone gives you a CitiesToken as a gift.

    Buying and selling

    Go to the “Marketplace” and look at the CitiesToken for sale. Or you can goto the "Register" page to register a new token base on the (lat,lon) of the place you want.
    After you buy a CitiesToken, this CitiesToken price will raise to 160%, and put on sell automatically. If you don't want to sell it. You can stop this selling.
    CitiesToken is built on blockchain technology, which is relatively new stuff. It’s safe and secure.
    Ether powers the Ethereum network, which is what CitiesToken is built on. Ether acts like any other currency; the value fluctuates with the market.

    You need to convert your currency (e.g. USD, CAD, GBP, etc.) into ether to pay for things on our network.


    There are two reasons for the cost must be charged:

    1.A transaction fee . Every transaction sent to the Ethereum network requires ‘gas’; the gas fee is given to Ethereum miners.

    2.To avoid the unlimited CitiesToken expanding, a cost must be Charged

    ‘Gas’ is a shorthand used to describe the cost of powering a transaction or contract in Ethereum, which is the blockchain network that CitiesToken is built on.

    Because blockchain is decentralized, every transaction is distributed through multiple computers, not a central server. This ensures each token—in this case, each CitiesToken—is secure and unique. However, it also takes more computational power, which is covered by the cost of gas. Ethereum typically communicates this cost in gwei (1 million gwei = 1 ether/ETH).

    Withdraw ETH

    After success sold a token, Or earned a commission, there will be a sum of ETH into your account.

    When you want to withdraw the ETH to your Ethereum account. You can click the menu "Mytokens",then click the button "Withdraw ETH", then you can withdraw your ETH to your personal account.

    Other Questions

    CitiesToken are NOT a cryptocurrency. They’re more like a cryptocollectible. The real-world analogy for a cryptocurrency is dollars or pounds; a cryptocollectible’s real world analogy is closer to assets like baseball cards or fine art.
    Not directly; the technology simply isn’t there yet. As soon as it is, we plan to support it.

    However, most exchanges do let you buy ether with a credit card.