GeoID:{ 22.33,114.17 }, Level-Large

| Token#:676700294170001 |


About Price

After a user buy this Token, the Price will raise to 160% of the previous price. Then the price will drop a little everyday , until a new user buy it.
(* example price diagram)

Token's Level

About Citiestoken's Level

1.There is 4 levels Citiestoken:

  • Level-Huge token,[about 10,000,000,000 ㎡ in City, and cover 100 Level-Large tokens]
  • Level-Large token,[about 1,000,000 ㎡ in City, and cover 100 Level-Middle tokens]
  • Level-Middle token,[about 10,000 ㎡ in City, and cover 100 Level-Small tokens]
  • Level-Small token, [about 100 ㎡ in City, and cover none tokens]
  • Geocode

    Earn Commission

    The Owner of higher level token can earn 6% commission from Each transaction of the lower level token which covered.

    For example, the owner of the Level-Middle token {40.744,-73.995} can earn 6% commission on each transaction of this 100 level-small tokens: {40.7440,-73.9950}~{40.7449,-73.9959}, and no times limited.

    So, A higher levels(level-Huge,Large,Middle) Citiestoken just like owned a small Stock Exchange: The more flourishing the transactions, the more revenue.